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Return and Refund Policy

Cancellation, Partial Refund/Restocking Fee. Orders for standard portable building(s) may be canceled by purchaser at any time before delivery. If Purchaser cancels such an order, Seller has the option to charge the Purchaser a restocking fee equal to 15% of the purchase price shown on the first page of this order.(The “Restocking Fees”). Such restocking fee will (I) be retained by seller if purchaser has paid all of the purchase price for a portion of the purchase price equaling or exceeding 15% of the purchase price at the time of cancellation, provided that Seller will refund to Purchaser all amounts in excess of the Restocking Fee, or (II) be immediately due and payable by purchaser to seller at the time of cancellation if Purchaser has paid none of the purchase price or a portion of the purchase price equaling less than 15% of the purchase price, provided that Seller may apply against such Restocking fee any amounts Then-paid by Purchaser Orders for custom build or custom painted portable building(s) may not be canceled except with prior written consent of the seller, which consent may withhold for any reason or no reason.